VLN Community 25th Anniversary Celebration: Registration of Interest

An open invitation to register your interest in attending the Virtual Learning Network Community, 25th Anniversary function on the 24th of August.

When: 7 pm Saturday 24 August

Where: Christchurch or Oxford (Venue to be confirmed)

Who: An open invite to all past and present members of the various clusters/networks/ organisations who have participated in the Virtual Learning Network Community.  Or anyone who has helped us on the way.

What: A dinner function to gather as many people to celebrate as possible. Cost to be confirmed.

We need to approximate numbers before sorting the venue so please register your interest using the form below.

Register your interest here

By Darren Sudlow

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@peepso_user_3(Rachel Whalley)
Great graphic Darren - here is one from way back when, when we were proud of our 'e-ness' and still proud!
11 months ago 11 months ago
@peepso_user_1(Darren Sudlow)
@peepso_user_3(Rachel Whalley) Aha. Yes. Thank you.
11 months ago 11 months ago