Virtual Cafe #1 Update

We had our first #virtualcafe session this afternoon, so thought I’d put out there to the NEX community what came up.

We had seven educators join in, and I always find it interesting to hear about what people are teaching. We have Madlen (languages who also teaches with NetNZ), Lucie (digi tech), Anna (languages), Rachel (VLN principal), and myself (languages & digi tech) with VLN Primary and from the NetNZ there was Darren (philosophy), Marina (economics), and Lynda (PE).

We discussed several topics and one that piqued my interest in particular was generating online engagement through games. I’ve come up with a few myself, just using Google Slides, but knew there’d be better things out there. Suggestions included using Zoom whiteboard to match and unscramble, crosswords, Quizlet, Kahoot and Google Quizzes for online class or group competitions, quizzes, flash cards, home work tasks and challenges, bingo, cloze reading activities, integrating online learning games if they’re out there, and Padlet. If you have questions about any of these, put them in the comments.

We also touched on…

  • how to expand student agency in terms of choice, breadth and pace.
  • the number of absentees in this term and following up

From our korero, we thought it would be useful to have a #workshop with Madlen on a few of the tools she uses regularly (Padlet, Quizlet), maybe one on Seesaw (with myself), and possibly a few of the others. This would let us experience the #tools as our students would. Something I’m definitely keen to do! I’ve put up a few screen shots of the different tools – if you have more post them up in the comments, otherwise keep an eye out for #workshop dates.

It’d be good to come together with a few ideas on #studentagency for our next meet up!

If you’re keen on the next #VirtualCafe – where we korero about ideas, challenges and successes – join in on our next casual get together on the 13th and 27th August.

By Jen Hammonds

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