A very warm welcome to NEX. Here are our top tips

This platform is essentially a social network designed to connect educators on areas of interest related to fully online learning. Join groups that interest you and ask questions, share, discuss and connect with others.

Ensure your profile includes a picture, your name, a brief blurb and your school / organisation

Look for “Groups” and join the Lounge. This is a place for general discussion and chat.

New to online learning? Start with our Foundations and Zoom group – Areas of expertise or special interest? Maybe How do I know they’re learning? OR Wrangling Technologies OR Languages Community – Maybe you’d like a mentor or can be a mentor – there’s a group for this

Notification of posts to each group can be on the site, via your ‘stream’, or by email – you choose.  

Post an introduction in the Lounge that outlines a bit about yourself. Include hashtags of areas of educational interest

Use our competition hashtag if you’re keen to be in the draw to win! Prizes will be drawn & posted mid-May.

e.g. #competition #studentagency #community #communitybuilding #knowledgebuilding #deepsupport etc

Get Connected!
Come and join our community. Expand your network and get to know new people!
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